Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm in a computer lab right now in Richmond, Indiana.

The tour has been going well. We still haven't even been to a bookstore, but the crowds, so far, have been great. We've had more folks at each venue than we had anticipated. I hope that continues.

I'm planning on writing a monster, all-encompassing blog post when I get back about the whole trip. Already met some great people along the way, and I'm sure there will be more as it continues.

Come out and see us if you can!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We're off to Woodbridge, New Jersey today to start the 17-day tour.

A lot of driving. A lot of reading.

We'd love it if you're in one of the areas and can make it to a venue.

Here are the links to the venues, along with the dates and times.

Email us with any questions.

Hopefully I'll do a little blogging... if not soon, then eventually.

Monday, July 12, 2010

First Book Interview #25 - Steven D. Schroeder

First Book Interview #25 - Steven D. Schroeder

I'll try to get a new post written before Kyle and I are on the road Wednesday, but I'm not sure what's left to say about the tour.

Oh, new First Book Interviews will start again August 1st, when we return.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The July Heat

Miraculously, the First Book Interviews are back.

First Book Interview #24 - Clay Matthews

I apologize to those folks who have missed it and for my very long hiatus.

If I have your book for an interview (and didn't lose it in the Virginia to New York move), chances are you'll be receiving questions soon. And if you don't, be sure to drop me a line.

I've gotten many questions to many poets in the last few days.

My hope is to try and post one more interview before Kyle and I take off in a week. After that, if possible, I'll be posting one new interview every two weeks. This is to give myself a manageable time frame, while also allowing the poets plenty of time to get their answers to me.

And if you've gotten a hold of me in the past about wanting to do an interview, shoot me another email and remind me.


One week to go until we start the tour.

I'm not sure if I'll be blogging from the road or not. I doubt many people care about how flat Iowa is. Or what the layout looks like in a bookstore.

That said, I'll try to keep notes, contacts, addresses, ideas, etc. somewhere. Maybe in a normal journal or notebook. Maybe through emails. Maybe through blogging.

I'm anxious to get on the road and see what all this is like.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Verse Daily - "Ghost Lights"

Thanks to the folks at Verse Daily for featuring "Ghost Lights" today, which is actually one of my favorite poems from Ghost Lights.

Four years ago they featured my third poem ever accepted for publication, which didn't make the cut in Ghost Lights, so it's nice to make another appearance.


Less than two weeks to go until we take off for the tour.

Thanks to everyone who plans on attending, who has blogged about it, and who has spread the word however they can.

It means more than you know to both of us that people will be coming out to hear us read our work.