Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Book Interview #1 - Matthew Guenette

You've waited for it. You've been dying for it. The unveiling. The continuation.

New poets talking about their first books.

And finally, after a month or so of coordinating and planning and figuring out a schedule, it has started.

The first poet is Matthew Guenette. His book is fantastic. You should get it. I'll most likely be saying this deserved statement about every interviewed poet.

Every two weeks a new interview will be posted.

New interviews in the upcoming weeks and months will include these poets and more: Paul Guest, Jason Bredle, Mark Wunderlich, Sandra Beasley, James Allen Hall, Jennifer Chang, Alison Pelegrin, Brian Barker, Jericho Brown, Dan Albergotti, and more.

Please enjoy and spread the word if you do.

And if you're interested in participating, my information is at the right.