Wednesday, October 29, 2008

R.I.P. Terrin Durfey

I saw this blurb on Pitchfork today and was kind of taken aback and of course very saddened to hear the news.

was one of those bands that really gave me a sense of purpose when I was in my early high school years. Terrin's voice is incredible, they were doing "emotional" music before all of the egregious and pitiful bands considering themselves "emo" these days, and there was just something about the trio that clicked for me on every piece of music they wrote. They weren't afraid to get loud. But they seemed equally unapologetic about writing music that was beautiful amidst all the heavier stuff.

I didn't know Terrin was sick, but apparently he's been battling cancer for 10 years, something I can't even imagine.

A foundation has been set up to help out the family on Myspace.

It's amazing how you can be so affected by people who've you never met, and in some cases will unfortunately never get to meet.

I'll be blasting all of my Boilermaker records in his honor and memory.