Monday, February 16, 2009

Fiber Density

On Saturday I received my issues of Copper Nickel 11. It looks amazing. I was in issue 6 a few years ago, and though that looked great too, it seems like Jake and company are really showing people that they're going to match the best out there. Plus I'm in there with many wonderful writers, and I still have so much left to read within the pages.


It turns out that Oklahoma State University has given me an amazing offer, the specifics of which I won't talk about here.

Needless to say, it's extremely enticing and very flattering. I got rejected from another school, and I still have six to hear from, so I hope they give me some time to at least see what other schools will be offering—if all aren't rejections of course.

Since Jess and I are getting married in July, there's much more I—and we—have to consider. But since it's going to be an "us" rather than a "me," which it was when I moved to Richmond (even though we were dating long-distance then... I still don't know how she was able to put up with me for those years), collectively we're going to have to figure out what's best for the both of us eventually. And again, with six schools I still have to hear from, I'm trying to relax and not speculate until I know what my real options are going to be before diving into multiple needless and hypothetical situations.


The new Dan Deacon record leaked, even though it seems like a re-rip or transcode, since the record seems way too scratchy and fuzzy.

I wasn't a huge fan of his last one, but upon the first listen to Bromst, I was floored. I'm not a huge fan of bands like Deerhoof and Ponytail and those spaz-pop or chaoti-pop bands or whatever the hell you want to call them.

But I felt like there were so many bands this record reminded me of that it kind of to-the-good imploded on itself, constructing its own animal. And it's beautifully and heavily percussive, which I love since I used to play the drums (though in a small town where no one loved good music, so it became just something to do when I was bored), keyboard-manipulated, and poppy. But in a very different and, to me, very accessible way that other records of the—can we call it one at this point?—genre really can't wholly find.

I can't wait to hear a real copy of it, and I may even buy it when it finally comes out. It seems like headphones would be a great idea too, as the layers, percussive or otherwise, on this sucker are many.