Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello July

I have a poem in the new issue of DIAGRAM. They never disappoint. You should read through it.


CUE is now online. Richard Siken's poems blew me away. They're spastic, insane, forceful, and the sonics are nuts.

It has to be one of the sharpest designs I've ever seen as far as an online journal goes.


Yesterday Jess found a cockroach on her pants in the closet, and after chasing it around the room, and with a couple "blows to the head," it finally gave up before we flushed it.

I have to say that I hate bugs like spiders and roaches and silverfish and turn into a giant pussy when I have to kill them.

I had a rat in my kitchen when I first moved to Richmond and lost sleep over it for a few days. My brother said, "I would've slept in my car." I almost did.


I have some appointments lined up for apartments in and around the Binghamton area. Leaving Tuesday to go up to Vestal. Appointments Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday if needed.

Calling back Monday for a place that owns three apartment complexes, and calling another who owns a separate one so I can solidify time-slots and not drive around hopelessly in New York.

Then, when we hopefully have an apartment locked up, it's back to my hometown.

Then our wedding a few days later.

Then the honeymoon.

Then the move to New York.