Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have two poems from the new manuscript up at Anti- if you're interested.

Thanks to Steve and the editors.


I can't believe there's essentially a month and change left of the first semester.

Probably heading to Philly next weekend with Jess to visit one of her friends. I've only been to the airport there, so it'll be a good chance to explore. Minus the fact that I don't like the Eagles, I hear it's a cool city, so I'm going to try to amass of list of places I need to check out.


Received the second blurb for Ghost Lights last week. It feels like everything's coming to fruition.

I hope to have the rest by Thanksgiving. Hopefully the galleys should be in my possession soon.


Huge game for The Giants today, especially after the two previous losses.

Winner is either tied for first place or owns it by themselves. Just depends on the outcome and team.