Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Small Press Poetry Avoidance

Stay away from Pavement Saw Press

Leigh Stein seems to have had an awful experience. Obviously it would be good to stay away from them and not piss your money away.

Stay away from Cider Press Review (Press)

Stacey Lynn Brown weighs in on her experience, at least a bit.

Save your money, folks.

I don't understand why you'd start a press if you're going to pull this shit. It really angers me. I would never start a press. I could never keep up. I'd turn into this. Which is why I'd never start a press.

If University Presses are sometimes picking folks who went to their school, judges are picking students, whatever, at least the books actually come out. I think at least. For most.

I never planned on sending to these presses anyway, but now I'm doubly glad I didn't. And I'm sorry for the folks who got screwed.

And yes, I wasn't there, didn't talk to anyone directly, etc. but the proof seems to be in the pudding. Which is a phrase I never got.