Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Snow Angels

I paid for my first ever Itunes tunes today. One was a single track, an Itunes exclusive, I think, from The Silent Years.

The other was the Snow Angels soundtrack, featuring the beautiful and virtuoso monoliths David Wingo (also of Ola Podrida) and Jeff McIlwain (who is also Lusine), and it was worth it. I may have blown my cinematic wad by knowing the songs of the score before the flick, but I couldn't wait. There's also an original Explosions in the Sky tune apparently, near the end, for which I'll be on the lookout.

The soundtrack's low key but what I'd expect from the duo. Seems perfect for the subject matter of the book, and the movie I believe sticks pretty close, but you never know with David Gordon Green.

September = The start of the NFL season and Snow Angels on DVD.

And all you Giants haters and disbelievers, we're going after it again this season too.