Friday, May 15, 2009


The new Diode issue is up. I have three poems in it, tentatively from my new manuscript.

But, as always, I'm with very talented folks. Jason Bredle. Karyna McGlynn. Michelle Bitting. Neil Aitken. Just to name a few. Thank you again to Patty and Jeff.


Also, the new issue of Blackbird is up. Check it out too.


Finally, a trailer for The Road is up. What bothers me initially is it looks like there's going to be tons of CGI, which could prove disastrous. I hope it's only establishing shots. Can't wait to see the no-longer-used turnpike shots from the Breezewood area, and also what they filmed at Conneaut Lake Park, if it's even recognizable.

But overall it looks like it could go either way. A lot of the creepy people in the book look like they're still that way in the movie, so we'll see.

I'll try to see it in the theater first if it doesn't leak before October, but I can't make any promises.