Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Online Submissions Manager Faux Pas?

I recently found a downloadable file from a Submissions Manager of a journal I recently sent to -- via Google.

Yes, I Google my name every once in a while like everyone else does. Usually I'm able to find out what journals have been released via updated websites so I can gauge when I'll get contributor copies.

The said manuscript was withdrawn a few days ago, but I still feel a bit weird that it's technically public now I suppose, in older manuscript format.

And I was able to download the file. From the Internet. By clicking on that link.

Not a big deal really, but shouldn't Google not be reading these if they're from a Submissions Manager?

I imagine if I was looking for poets' work and that came up, I'd be curious enough to certainly click on it.

Did someone screw up?

Pretty weird, no?