Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spin the Bottle

Just got my contributor copy of the second issue of Makeout Creek today, and I have to say it looks great. Though the first issue looks great also, this one seems to have upped the ante. Everything about it seems more professional and physically tip-top, and there's some great photos, art, and of course writing within the pages. Bravo to the editors, especially Andrew, who I know work tirelessly on making this project what it's already become in a couple issues. Looking forward to what the upcoming issues bring. You should submit some stuff. They're not afraid of your trend-setting genre-bending either, so bring it on.


RIP Mitch Mitchell


I just realized that the first six First Book Interviews were all conducted with dudes.

Don't worry, there are some equally talented ladies making their appearances soon.

Also, if you know someone who'd be interested, or if you have a first book of poetry and you're interested in being interviewed, please let me know.