Friday, March 13, 2009

One to Go

I got emails from the Graduate Director of Western Michigan University today, along with Bill Olsen, easily one of my favorite contemporary poets, which was one of the big reasons I wanted to apply there in the first place.

I'm in if I want a spot, but apparently the school's in such bad shape that any money going toward a T.A. for incoming creative writers has to be for an incoming MFA.

Of course having to pay for tuition is completely out of the question, especially with three offers on the table, but I'm excited to know I most likely would've been admitted any other year. If anyone gives money to colleges, you can be the cash most likely isn't used for the English Department of said school. And it's in Michigan. Anyone remember Roger and Me? Twenty years later, yes, but I'm sure they've been hit hard like many other states.

One school to go, and when that decision is here, I'll be figuring out all the specifics and weighing options.

Soon soon.