Monday, March 16, 2009


Just got my contributor copy of Lake Effect in the mail. Digging the skeletal cover.

Included within the pages: Nin Andrews, Blake Butler (let's hope it's not the last one), Michael Czyniejewski, Eugene Gloria, Tony Hoagland, Al Maginnes, Joshua Ware, and of course many others. The link above will take you to the complete table of contents.


I spent most of the afternoon sending out some submissions for an attempted big push before spring gets here.

I had two longer new ones from the last month or so, in addition to some others I still really like, so I figured they could use some editor eyes on them.

Since May's usually the cutoff before many journals stop reading for the summer, I'll see what I can do in the next two months, especially since the summer's going to be busier than usual for me. If poems come and I can get another one ready, I will. If not, I'll save it up for next fall, when Jess and I will be in a different place, in a different state.


Speaking of writing newer poems, I've decided to ditch this chapbook idea and kind of put the "working on my second manuscript" tag on the current incarnation.

I have 25 pages of actual poetry written, which was the chapbook. But I just don't even like the idea of a chapbook anymore. I don't want to short change myself, and it's also an excuse to write more poems, to see what I can do with all these new pieces that are coming onto the page.

Even if I'm fooling myself into thinking this may be a second manuscript, if it gets me writing, I can't ask for anything more.