Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Got my copies of Barn Owl Review #2 the other day. I honestly was impressed with the quality of a lot of the writing (I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by that with the folks who are running it, but I say that because I can't say that about every journal I've been in, which happens when you're putting together what is essentially a compilation of writing every issue of every journal: the luck of the draw), and I think it's an issue I'll continue to pick up and read through as it eventually finds a spot on my shelf.


Speaking of the aforementioned issue, my friend and former classmate at VCU, Anna Journey, has two poems in there too, both from her just-released first book, If Birds Gather Your Hair for Nesting. Many of the poems from the book I and others saw in workshop a few years ago, the last workshop many of us took before our time was taken up with our theses. The poems are wild and full of energy, and I have a feeling a lot of folks are doing to dig her book. It's nice to see that essentially some MFA theses (even though Anna's certainly evolved with new poems, cut poems, etc., like every book does) can become books that win great prizes, despite the thoughts of many when it comes first books.


I got my rejection letter from Missouri the other day also. I was not surprised by this, especially since Gary got into seven out of eight schools two years ago (and I hope you don't mind me saying this, Gary), the only rejection being Missouri. So I had little faith in an acceptance on my end.

What impressed me about Missouri was the former and present students, and all that many of them have done while attending and beyond their degree.

That said, am I'm speaking quite frankly here, the faculty was the one reason I was least thrilled about applying. But the school's reputation, and the fact that I have faith in myself to do well wherever I go, was why I applied. And it's tough not to when so many great poets—the list could be lengthy—attend right now or have attended in the past.

So there are five schools I still need to hear from, and I think it's coming down to the point where either rejections or acceptances will be in the mail soon. Or via email. Or the phone.