Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Got all the documents for Binghamton in the mail about an hour ago. Soon it will be officially official.

I also regrettably just sent my letter to Lisa Lewis, letting her know I won't be coming to OSU. I was looking forward, initially, to working with her and Ai, both of whom I respect and like so much as poets.

But there were too many factors drawing me toward Binghamton. And the crazy thing about finally making a decision is that you really never know what would've happened otherwise. I'll probably be writing different poems in New York than Oklahoma. That's the way things go. Now we can start thinking about our living situation and when we're going up there post-wedding to physically jump start the process.

I guess I'll be updating this once more and more information gets gathered over the summer and Jess and I start to make some moves. Along with the other random stuff that finds its way on here.

Oh, and I also want to thank all of the amazingly generous people who took the time to answer my many questions, the former and current students from many schools (you know if you're one of those folks or not if you're ready this). I haven't gotten the chance to do that yet for anyone, but I hope to repay the favor as I continue and other younger folks in a few years are getting ready to step up to this decision. It does end up being a big one, and I hope I put enough work into the whole process (which I'm confident of) to make the next four years of my life (and our life) good ones.