Saturday, June 20, 2009


Upon reading "River Road" by Herbert Morris, I immediately went to and purchased his first three books, including shipping, for a total of $15.

I remember Wojahn in workshop talking about him once, and though I couldn't really get into What Was Lost, which I do own and am probably too young for it to really make an impact at this point, I need to take another crack at it, and there are other poems from AGNI you can find online by Herbert Morris also.

He was someone who I don't believe gave readings, and someone who didn't have a lot of biographical information floating around, which is both weird and admirable for the current times. He passed away in 2001.

I'm now ready to dive into his earlier work and climb up to What Was Lost.


About a year ago I caved and bought a Bose Sound Dock from Target for my IPod.

A few months ago the thing broke. Maybe it was a power surge, because I didn't drop it or spill anything on it. It still worked, technically, a few months ago, but there was this annoying, bass-like and pounding pulsation that clearly was due to some speaker or other part malfunction within the system.

Then about a month ago the thing collapsed to a low hum when plugged in, and I can't even charge my IPod on it, much less play a song.

I was smart, though, and basically got the 3-year Target warranty free, since it was $29 and I saved 10% with the Red Card, to only be used then and immediately shredded later.

I called a few days ago and got the return FedEx label today, so now I just have to figure out the specifics of all the confusion going on with the instructions. It's this kind of thing that makes me consider technical writing as a field that could really help folks who can actually read not take a ton of extra time to figure out the perplexing logic of some of these seemingly simple sentences.

Hopefully I can figure it out, send the thing back as they request, get a new one, and probably plug the thing into a surge protector, because I think it did indeed get fried from a power surge.


I lied about not sending out work until the fall.

I realized recently how many journals only take submissions from now until most other journals actually start accepting submissions for all their new reading periods, come September usually.

I have a handful of poems as ready as they're going to be, so I'm gearing up to submit.

Maybe something will slip through the cracks...