Sunday, June 21, 2009


Earlier today, as I was talking to my brother about an amazing picture of Eli and Peyton Manning at a (seriously) Better than Ezra show from I think a night or two ago, I was twisting the top of our Topsy Turvy to get the tomatoes some more sunlight.

And bam, the hook, which wasn't strong to begin with, making it my fault for not getting a stronger one, snapped, sending it tumbling three floors to the sidewalk below.

Luckily no one was there, so it didn't hit anyone or anything, but it seriously could've caused some kind of injury, which is a bit weird and frightening.

So we moved it to the back porch and tried to hang it on a hook there. If the hook breaks and it goes tumbling down, it'll go down to the yard and that's it.

But then something happened to the screen door. It got caught, somehow, on the metal of the siding, which clearly I can't describe, almost acting as a kind of suction on the bottom. So I had to use remnants of an old desk chair to first get something wedged between the door and the siding at the top, and then I tried to crowbar the bottom with a metal rod from it, which finally worked.

It's days like these when I really anticipate moving, getting a new start, and getting back to things being new.