Friday, June 19, 2009


I really wanted to like Sunshine Cleaning a lot, and though I did enjoy it by the end, as there were a few things to admire, I thought there were too many faults to make it lasting.

Too many loose ends in the script, or aspects they thought the audience wouldn't question (though I'm not sure how they legitimately thought this).

Too many indie movie cliches, and I really really hate that new trend. Just knowing now that there are indie movie cliches, very obvious ones that screenwriters still can't get away from, means bad things ahead I think. Or the same script recycled 874 times within a few years.

I feel like I'd give too much away if I talked about specifics, but Amy Adams I still think is great, and without her the movie probably couldn't have been made.

But if you really want to see an amazing movie (the real PSH Oscar performance) dealing with the tragicomedy tag looming over it, see Love Liza. It'll always be one of my favorites.


Nolan Reimold hits home run #8
. Hell yes. I'm not sure how I feel about slowly becoming an Orioles fan, but it seems like it's happening.


Less than a month to go until our wedding day of July 18th. Then moving to Binghamton. I'm trying to be as relaxed as I can in the next few weeks to get prepared for Stress City.


I started to realize that I have over 900 Facebook friends, which is hilarious. It'd take a while to see how many of them I've actually met or know well (maybe 50-100?), but I have no qualms about seeing that another friend is friends with say, a writer that's been around for a while that I like, or a writer whose work I just saw in a journal that blew me away, and adding them as a "friend."

I feel like I'm the only person at this point not on Twitter, but honestly I don't need additional excuses to waste time, especially with all that's coming up in the next few months, so I'll refrain, at least for now...