Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Maybe my eyes have just been a bit more open lately upon perusing some blogs, but it seems like within the last few weeks there's been a lot going on in terms of finger-pointing and discussion, both the good and the bad of it, the worthy and the trivial.

But one thing recently has been interesting is Steve's review of Richard Vargas and the unnecessarily written letter back to him (where Richard also posts in the comments section).

I won't say a lot about this, as you can easily read both yourself, but there's a lot to be learned from this, I think. Upon dealing with the biggest asshole professor I've ever encountered, during the second year of my MFA ("When you're my grader you can call me [insert first name], but if I ever have you for a graduate class it'll always be Dr. [insert last name]."), I had a discussion with one of my friends after I thought the son of a bitch was actually going to punch me in the face, I kid you not, who said, "Well now you know that you never want to be someone who treats another person like that." I'm paraphrasing, because it was probably put more eloquently, but it's true, and something I'll remember.

Anyway, check out the response if you haven't. I could say a lot of things that would probably get me in trouble right now, but I figure I'll have many more years to piss people off, so there's no point in getting an early start here.

Do read the response, though (and the review, if you must, to put it in context), if you haven't already.