Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big Rig

I'm the first asshole on the road to get pissed off at trucks. I try to use my horn as little as possible, as I hope most do, but I bitch and swear and speed up and get pissed off. It's the trucks. They're supposed to be over on the right. There's a truck on the right they're behind, and they go into the left lane, and we, the little cars, are stuck behind then.

, a pretty badass documentary, has me thinking a bit. It's a bit of a kitchen sink movie, where I could imagine tons of different filmmakers and tons of different documentaries on the same thing, but I love the humanizing aspect.

We, the little cars (not the fucking SUVs, though my family owns many), get pissed. Is it just me? I'm not sure. Since I got two speeding tickets, I've been less pissed. I get pissed off about idiotic stuff, and thank God for Jess, because she's making that less and less as the days go on.

I speed up at yellow lights. I'll go between a car on the left lane and the slow car on the right if it gets really slow. I now have a V8 in my car, so I go faster, or used to. The cop who stopped me a few years ago before Thanksgiving was a badass, but was very nice. 85 in a goddam 55? Seriously, Clark? He put 63 on the ticket, so thanks a lot for that.

But I get pissed at trucks. And I think a lot of us do. They carry produce and meat and milk and all kinds of shit.

I liked the female drivers, carrying mace, talking about truck stops and safety and harm.

At any rate, I've calmed down since the two tickets, but all I do is bitch about the trucks. From Richmond to Greenville it's a 7 hour drive, and the PA turnpike is Captain Horrendous, and that's where the majority takes place. But I think I'll calm down more now. Relax, asshole. As Frank Deramo, my 9th grade (I think) history teacher (and student driver coach) used to say, "You're going to get there." Or something like that. Plus, gas is supposed to be consumed less at slower speeds. It may not be true, but I'm sorry, trucks, and I'm going to make an effort not to be as much of a douchebag as I used to be...