Thursday, June 5, 2008

Poetry Collections I'm Looking Forward to

Paul Guest - "My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge" (Ecco Books)
Joshua Poteat - "Illustrating the Machine that Makes the World: From J.G. Heck's 1851 Pictorial Archive of Nature and Science" (University of Georgia Press/Virginia Quarterly Review)
Alison Stine - "Ohio Violence" (UNT Press)
Craig Arnold - "Made Flesh" (Ausable Press)
Adam Chiles - "The Evening Land" (Cinnamon Press)
Paul Otremba - "The Currency" (Four Way Books)
Brian Brodeur - "Other Latitudes" (University of Akron Press)
Karyna McGlynn - "I Have to Go Back to 1994 and Kill a Girl" (Sarabande Books)
Seth Abramson - "The Suburban Ecstasies" (Ghost Road Press)
Richard Greenfield - "Tracer"

And I'm hopeful for imminent collections by these poets:

Richard Siken
Corey Marks
Brian Teare
Mark Wunderlich
Andrew Feld
Allison Titus
Bobby C. Rogers
David Groff
Adam Clay
Leigh Stein