Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Notes Late Tuesday

The new Imac is here, and though it's been initially a bit confusing, I'm starting to figure things out. And it really is more navigable. I could only stay on certain sites for a few minutes with my older laptop, so this is nice. Plus I don't hear the chaotically imminent hum of the fan like a giant air condition, which then gets the left part so hot it's hard to keep your wrist on it. Thankfully that's behind me. Chalk up another loss for a former PC user. I haven't really begun to take this thing for a real test drive yet I don't think. My caps lock key seems to be a little off-kilter, but maybe I have to get used to the right way to click it.


I just got an amazing copy of Lynda Hull's GHOST MONEY in the mail that I found on Half.com for a mere $2 and change. With shipping it was around $6. I'm not a collector or anything, but I do like to have as many of my favorite books as possible in original editions, which for earlier contemporary poetry is not an easy task. New and Selecteds are great, but the font's usually boring, and it's nice to have three or four of five originals staring at you from the shelf than one entire volume. I'm not sure what the seller was thinking, but I got lucky since I haven't seen it for less than around $20 elsewhere.

Now I have to find TAR by C.K. Williams for a few bucks. Under $10 would be a huge steal.


Hopefully I can get back to writing on this sucker. I need to snag Office somewhere. And other Mac necessities.