Tuesday, July 1, 2008

blockbuster rant

i was having a pretty good day today. i messed up and didn't put a netflix movie in on saturday. therefore, they couldn't send shotgun stories on monday, so it won't be here tomorrow. i called blockbuster, which happens to be abut 2 blocks from the post office, to see if they had it in. the employee, let's call him "ian," was very nice, and on two separate occasions answered my call, the second being the one where he told me had it and it would be at the front desk. simple, easy, and courteous usually equals a good experience.

so i went to the post office, dropped off the other netflix movies in the mail receptacle, and walked over to blockbuster. "ian" was there, as i saw on his nametag, and there seemed to be no one behind me. after he was done with the customer before me, i told him who i was, and he, very rudely, said, "well, you'll have to wait, she was in front of you." so i see this timid lady with two things of popcorn and a movie, and i said, "i'm sorry, i didn't realize." so i looked to the right and saw a guy there and asked him if he was in front of me. "nope, i just got here."

finally another guy came to the register to the right of "ian," and wanted the next person to come up. so i did. then, "ian," in a pretty obnoxious and not-good-for-business and very unnecessary way to handle the situation, says, "can we get something over there so people stop cutting?" he was referring to a very large customer-sized gap between a cheap dvd rack and the shitty candy they sell. looked like a place for customers to go to me. but i felt like i was in the lunchline in third grade, getting ready for the globs of government issued and processed nasty ass food we all were served for so many years.

now i've been in control more over the years of what comes out of my mouth, so instead of saying, "do you really have to be that much of a dick about it when it's your fault, since i'm not the only customer who's been doing it?" i said "well, if you're referring to me, i didn't see anyone behind me, so i'm sorry," and he said, "it's ok, it's just been happening all day," and i replied, "well, there's a hole there between the dvd rack and the candy, which to me seems like it's a space where customers can go through. you could put something there so they wouldn't. really it's an easily solvable problem." and he mumbled something under his breath, i got my change back from the other guy, and i left.

i always wanted to debunk the myths of the chain stores, movie chain stores that is, always causing horrible experiences, but the few times i've been there stupid shit like this has happened, though mostly we were the awkward witnesses in someone else's debacle. but the whole thing was really unnecessary, and it could've been a lot worse if i started saying stuff i shouldn't and raising my voice, but i'm above that now, i think at least. regardless, though, i have the damn movie, and like today, i really only go, and will continue only to go, to blockbuster for necessities as such.