Friday, July 11, 2008

Bowtie Cinemas

Apparently there's going to be such an establishment soon in Richmond. The big sign on the outside of the building, very near The Diamond (home of the Richmond Braves) says something about the bringing back of elegance. And on the website there's a little more: "Movieland will feature 17 screens with stadium seating, custom designed wood and leather seating, and an enhanced offering of food and beverages." For a public theater? On Broad? Hmm.

I'm digging the first wave, but are we watching movies in a restaurant? And what are the enhanced food and beverages? Can I not wear my perpetually glued-on Giants t-shirt? [Until they're dethroned I want to hear nothing] Do I need pants? Is a steak the plus-ticket purchase?

Now I love the movies. I love movies. I'm a film lover is what I'm trying to say. This place is a few blocks away. It's beyond the Greyhound station and some bridges populated by the under-dwelling speechless and perpetually drunken and wobbling homeless folks. So we're not going to walk. It's Richmond. And it ain't in The Fan.

But is there anyone out there who knows about Bow Tie Cinemas? If so, let us know what's what. If there's a theater this close, then I'm, of course, in.