Sunday, July 27, 2008

Close to 20

I have close to 20 poets so far who are going to participate in the First Book Interviews project.

Teaching summer classes end for me on Wednesday, so I'm going to try my best to get the questions ready and off to poets within the next few weeks. My hope was to do one a week, but it looks like it might end up being about three a month. I'd rather have a schedule than just posting them whenever they're completed and formatted. So we'll see what works best as the weeks go on.

If you're seeing this, you have a first book, Kate didn't interview you, and you're interested in the project, please email me at the address located on the right.

The tentative address for the project is here. I'll be messing with the template and such before the first is officially posted, but that's going to be the tentative site. If you have any idea for improvement in any way, or anything else, please let me know.