Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I don't know how long this guy (or, as Joshua Poteat says, "or girl") has been doing this around Richmond, but there are these small canvases (though as Blackbird says, it's painted plywood) tacked to the poles of street signs, screwed in with bolts, all around the city.

They're really beautiful, and apparently the guy ("or girl") could be arrested for some silly reason. Why have beautiful art around that people can look at? Gotta love smashing creativity.

But it's the kind of stuff I'd love to have all over my apartment. Screw framed paintings.

Yesterday after class I saw what may be a bit of Josh Poteat's work on a pole near the Hibbs building. If I ever get a digital camera I'm going to be driving around one day documenting where they are all over the city.

Here's an image from Blackbird (original link) of perhaps the most stunning I've seen this far. A drawing of Larry Levis with snippets from "Boy in Video Arcade" surrounding him.

If you're in Richmond, keep an eye out. They're pretty incredible.